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What We Do

We offer a variety of medical solutions to help you on your weight loss journey. Come discover a plan that works for you.

Our wellness experts can help you develop a plan for success! A nutritious and mindful diet is essential for weight loss and overall health

At hCG Weight Loss Atlanta, we're not just about skinny, we're about healthy! Find out how we can help you live a healthier, happier life!

We host several highly skilled beauty experts at our office. Feel better and look fantastic, all in one convenient location!

Weight Loss

Sermorelin & Low-Dose Naltrexone

Our NEWEST program! We're very excited to offer you this program using our classic low calorie keto diet, sermorelin injections and low-dose naltrexone. The Sermorelin & Low-Dose Naltrexone program (SLDN for short!) is a 30 day program with the potential to improve your body composition, sleep quality, inflammation and more!

Patient on Scale

hCG Program

hCG is a hormone that allows the body to use energy from its fat stores more readily, especially targeting problem areas, such as the belly, butt, and thighs. It also reduces the symptoms normally associated with a low-calorie diet. We offer programs of varying duration featuring daily injections, ketosis monitoring, weight tracking, and more.


Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that can make low-calorie diets easier to maintain. Our nurse practitioners can help evaluate your weight loss needs and prescribe phentermine as needed. It can be used to supplement your hCG program, or any low-calorie diet plan. Book your consultation today!

Diet Apples
Warrior Two

B12 with Lipovite

These once a week injections are little powerhouses! With B12 to boost your energy and help you get active, and Lipovite, a proprietary blend of amino acids designed to break down fat, you're sure to look and feel better! Book your appointment to purchase today!

Diet Planning

hCG Food to Go

Our sister company is dedicated to making  meals of the best quality, designed to work perfectly with our hCG protocol. These low-calorie, nutritious meals are handmade and taste-tested to ensure you love every bite! Dieting doesn't have to be a drag. Let us know if you'd like to purchase meals with your medical weight loss option, or buy online and receive your meals with convenient two-day shipping!

Salmon Breast
Stuffed Avocado

Ketogenic Diet

Whether you want to lose weight, lower your blood sugar or just build some healthy habits, a ketogenic diet can set you down the right path. Our consultants and nurse practitioners are available to answer all your questions and hep you develop a diet plan that works for you! Book an appointment and come see us today!

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting, or fasting for part of the day, has been shown to have many health benefits, such as increased weight loss and reduced inflammation. Our consultants and nurse practitioners can help you outline your path to a brighter, healthier future through intermittent fasting. Book your appointment today!

Outdoor Fitness
Wellness Services
Biote Hormone Replacement
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Biote Hormone Replacement

We are a certified provider of Biote Medical Hormone Optimization for both men and women. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may help alleviate fatigue, trouble sleeping, reduced libido and sexual performance, menopausal symptoms and more. We’ve seen many lives changed with optimized bioidentical hormones!  Call us today for more information.

Call us at (404) 968-9642

Personal Training

No healthy lifestyle is complete without an exercise regimen tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced personal trainers can help you become more active and give you the push you need to be your best self. Book your first session today.

Gym Workout
Doctor Taking Notes

Food Sensitivity Testing

Tried everything to lose weight, but still can't seem to shed the pounds? Or maybe you've had digestions issues, fatigue or headaches that you can't explain. A food sensitivity may be contributing to your symptoms. Book your appointment today, and we can test your sensitivity to up to three hundred different foods!

Call us at (404) 968-9642


We offer a variety of vitamins and herbal supplements to improve your health and strengthen your lifestyle. Shop in our online store and feel free to call us and talk to our consultants or nurse practitioners if you have any questions about our supplements.

Herbal Medicine
Beauty Services

Leigh Ann Spitzmiller - 

Certified Sunless Spray Tan Artist 

Leigh Ann focuses on natural-looking tans without any streaking or orange tones. She provides a customized solution that will leave you with a gorgeous glow minus the damaging UV rays. Tans can last up to TWO WEEKS with proper care. Prices start at $35 for new clients! Call or email today!

Phone: (470) 620-2871 

Hair Salon

Beautician - Linda Brown

Linda has 28 years of haircutting experience. She worked at the Van Michael Salon for 17 years, then at Vis-A-Vis Salon for 5 before starting her own business. She offers a variety of services including color, highlights, keratins, up-dos, cuts, and blowouts. Come see Linda for everything your hair needs! Call the number below to book your appointment today!

Call me at (678) 427-1249

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