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Our NEW all-in-one weight loss program includes a trifecta of products designed to make it easy for you to lose weight!

Daily injections of Sermorelin, paired with Naltrexone and a B12 and Lipovite oral spray, makes staying on our classic low-calorie keto diet easy!



Sermorelin mimics the hormone that triggers HGH (human growth hormone) production. This means your body naturally increases its production of this hormone! So why would you want more HGH? Well, most people are producing their highest levels of HGH in their mid 20's. This production declines anywhere from 30% to 50% by your 40's! This drop off contributes to many of the signs of aging, such as increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, decreased bone density, insomnia and so on, so getting your levels back up can literally make you stronger, help your metabolism and boost vitality!


We use Low Dose Naltrexone to boost your program in a variety of ways. This drug works to reduce cravings which helps you stay on your diet! It does this by binding on to certain pleasure receptors in your brain, blocking the rewards you'd normally get from eating your most tempting treats!

In early trials it is also showing the amazing ability to reduce inflammation and insulin resistance! Don't just lose weight, get healthier!

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Sermorelin Program

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